Mission Statement





NorthSouth GIS is currently seeking applicants for a GIS Systems Architect for our Los Angeles office. The GIS Systems Architect is responsible for being NSG server-related hardware and software expert. Such expertise will be used to design and implement hardware/software configurations appropriate for use with Enterprise GIS solutions implemented by NSG. These designs will address expected system loads, security needs, use cases, availability requirements and budgetary limitations. The GIS Systems Architect is also expected to be NSG’s technical lead for ArcGIS for Server configuration and troubleshooting, implementing HTTP/SSL for GIS web viewers, optimizing server performance, managing Reverse Proxy rules in IIS/ARR and more. In addition to server/ArcGIS for Server expertise, the GIS Systems Architect is expected to be a well-rounded GIS and IT professional able to handle a wide range of technical tasks related to Enterprise GIS implementations. The GIS Systems Architect is expected to be an excellent communicator that can brainstorm with client and NSG resources, document solutions and proposals, assist with cost estimations and liaise with people of widely varying technical aptitude. The GIS Systems Architect reports to the Chief Operating Officer of NSG, but will often take direction from, collaborate with, and report status to NSG’s Services Manager and Solutions Manager.


For a detailed job description, and on-line application, please visit our Careers page at http://www.northsouthgis.com



Mission Statement

SoCal URISA is an official chapter of the International Urban and Regional Information Systems Association. International URISA is a non-profit association of information technology professionals with specific emphasis on applications in state and local government. URISA is also the premier organization for the use and integration of spatial information technology to improve the quality of life in urban and regional environments. The SoCal Chapter has been an active part of URISA since 1990. Our Chapter service area includes the counties of: Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Ventura. The Chapter holds local meetings throughout the year and regularly hosts URISA Certified Workshops that are free to members.

The Chapter Board Officers are made up of interested members who attend several board meetings a year. If you’d like to get more involved with the SoCal Chapter, you’re welcome to attend and become an Advisory Board Member. Advisory Board Members can participate in all Board meeting activities, with the exception of voting on financial matters.

Due to our large service area, board meetings are held at various locations and in conjunction with the CalGIS Conference, the ESRI UC and the International URISA Conference, and via conference call.

For more information on the Southern California Chapter, Blanca Quintero, President, email.